Dig in and get it done!

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Are you stuck? 

Is "fear of failure" stopping you from marketing?

Are you overwhelmed by how fast marketing is changing?

We call this "implementation paralysis", and you are not alone!

Nobody starts a business to be great at digital marketing..... but the reality is, you need it!

So how do you, DO, your digital marketing when you're already busy working on and in your business? 

Introducing DIG

We help you implement the right marketing for your business while finding smarter ways to get more done.


We help you identify and focus on the priorities.

Be Accountable

We keep you accountable to your  goals and plans.

Be Smart

We make sure you do the smart things, not just the to-do things.

 Get Support

We help you find the right support and team members.

Train Smarter

We curate your training to up-skill you and your team - FAST!

Step Up

We help you find and take the next step to grow your business.

You started your business because you have great talent,  a passion for something or you have developed a skill that people are prepared to pay you money for. 

You wanted to be able to generate an income to provide for you and your family; give them the life that they desire.

Is this your story?  

Before the internet and the birth of digital marketing, business owners spent very little time (and in most cases money) on marketing... It was something that the big businesses did. 

Most business owners hang out their shingle and hoped for the best. If you were proactive, maybe you had an ad in the Yellow Pages and did some seasonal advertising via local or trade publications.

But, I bet you didn't spend hours learning how to;

Build the perfect radio campaign, record and edit your own ads

How to write and publish your own newspaper

 Launch your own TV Channel and create programs and ads

Yet that is effectively what SME's around the world are now doing, thanks to digital media. 

And to be honest, 95% are doing a pretty poor job of it. 

Why? Because we are not expert Podcasters,  Bloggers, Youtuber,s Facebook Ads or Google Adwords specialists...  you are an expert at providing your product or service.

However, as a small business owner, the competitive advantage you have is KNOWLEDGE. You can learn how to harness the potential of digital marketing for your business, work out what it is worth to your business and then write a brief and outsource it.

Or you can access tools and tactics that will help you do it yourself... But you have to keep yourself accountable for the results.

I am yet to meet a business owner who will hold themselves accountable to this degree.

That is where D.I.G. comes in.

As a business owner you need three things to be successful in digital marketing:

Help curating content so you can focus on the strategies that will work for you.

Community to keep you accountable to get it done and stay true to your plan.

Coaching by experts who will supplement your knowledge gaps.

"It is the process of matching customers with solutions. The right product at the right price, placed in front of the right customer who has the need, want, desire and means to purchase."

DMDU & DIG Founder, Sonya Keenan

D.I.G. stands for Digital Implementation Group and is a program created from founder Sonya Keenan's successful coaching and marketing businesses.

Over the past three years, Sonya has coached dozens of business owners helping them to overcome a syndrome she calls "Implementation Paralysis".

This syndrome impacts hundreds of business owners every day. They are frozen by the fear of failing, so they spend countless hours and money searching for the pot of gold, the quick fix, the silver bullet. But as one of Sonya's mentors, Ryan Deiss says, " Nothing happens until a sale takes place".  The reality for most businesses there is no silver bullet. The key to success in digital marketing is no different than decades ago because...

Digital marketing is just marketing!

Meet your DIG coach - Sonya Keenan

Sonya has decades of marketing experience having owned and run many successful businesses coupled with more than 20-years in senior marketing roles within ASX 200 companies.

She understands how big business uses its market power to win.  Her agency, Omnichannel Media Group, has created content and digital influence strategies with companies like...


But having been actively involved with digital marketing since "dial-up",  Sonya sees the opportunity for small business owners to take on the domain of big business and win.

Over the past five years, she has demonstrated that you can apply the  "big business" strategies using digital marketing within the nimble environment of SME's and has been actively coaching business owners to achieve success online.

Sonya has personally mastered the digital marketing tools available to small business and is now passionate about building a community for business owners so they can learn, share and grow their digital marketing knowledge. 

DIG is the next generation of building this community. 

DIG is an online community designed to help business owners get things done! 

We live in a world where there is too much information but not enough knowledge. DIG is the answer to fixing this. 

  • Quarterly one-on-one coaching calls with Sonya Keenan (including on-boarding call)
  • 10 DIG members' webinars hosted by Sonya Keenan and involving trusted experts
  • Access to DIG Learning Platform that will host all learning programs including DIG training videos
  • Weekly email support
  • Set up, build and manage 3 x 3 Implementation Grid
  • Member pricing for all DMDU events 

What's included...

Coaching offers the power of an expert’s view 

Help to prioritise and create weekly action plans 

Community to build accountability of peers and coach

Learn faster and smarter with curated learning content 

DIG in and get it done!

DIG is a coaching program for business owners running SME style businesses... 

It works across any business model: 

  • Bricks n Mortar
  • Bricks N Clicks
  • Online 
  • Tradespeople
  • Service Providers

Because all businesses need marketing and that marketing is digital. The program is built around the power of coaching, using Digital Marketer's Lab Plus systems as the roadmap. DIG will give you the support, guidance, and accountability that you need to get things done.

DIG will cure “Implementation Paralysis” by helping you to implement and launch tactics and strategies what will get sales consistently and help you understand how to scale.

Using the 3x3 Implementation Grid to curate your learning and turn information into knowledge

What is DIG?


Monthly payments

Pay by the month - 12 monthly payments. Price includes GST. 

All DIG members are required to have a subscription to DigitalMarketer Labs+ 

(Additional cost $95/per month)


Yearly subscription

Pay in full for your DIG membership and get 2 months FREE (12months for the price of 10!). Price includes GST. All DIG members are required to have a subscription to DigitalMarketer Labs+ 

(Additional cost $95/per month)

"No one started a business to be small... It is time to fight above your weight and use the power of Digital Marketing to find more customers, get more sales and celebrate your wins. " Sonya Keenan, Founder DIG

What others have to say!

When you grow a business, you need ambassadors, people that love and respect your brand as you do.
Sonya Keenan is one of those people. Using our programs she has worked to build the DigitalMarketer community Down Under. She has given more presentations with individuals on the customer value journey than I ever have. She is a member of our advisory board she demonstrates the ability to make the complex simple and just gets stuff done.

Ryan Deiss

CEO, DigitalMarketer

"I met Sonya in her role as Omnichannel Media Group, Managing Director and from the outset was struck by her unique ability to be both warm and engaging whilst also being straight down the line. I find Sonya's authentic and down to earth approach to be really helpful when I am in need of some serious business grounding.

Sonya has taken me from some of the most basic concepts to a place where I feel like I understand the more subtle nuances of marketing and reaching clients. I am most grateful to have Sonya in my corner and I am looking forward to continuing the relationship in the future. "

Katrina Cavanough

CEO (Chief Empathy Officer) and Founder, Kindness On Purpose

Listening to Sonya in Sydney last year, I knew we needed to connect. Why? Because I needed her. 

Not only because she had launched a new global business herself, but because as she said, "Right now, you are holding the ticking time bomb for your potential. 

To stop the bomb you need to know how to acquire more customers.” But I didn’t know how. 

Less than a year later sales have tripled. Yes indeed, I did need Sonya. She’s the most essential strategist and team member I could have found.

Dr Wendy Sweet

Founder, My Menopause Transformation

In the 1920's USA merchant John Wanamaker (1838-1922) was credited with coining the phrase

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half”.

He was considered by some to be a "pioneer of marketing” as the founder of Macy's he knew about selling and marketing. Today there is no excuse for business owners. With digital marketing we can understand what is driving the success of our businesses and  build a predictable business that can be scaled.

The unfortunate truth is the majority of business owners don't.

My goal is to demystify Digital Marketing and put business owners in the control seat of their business."  

Sonya Keenan, DIG Founder

Sonya was recently a special guest on the DigitalMarketer Podcast - Perpetual Traffic.  Learn more about Sonya and her coaching style by listening to this podcast 

Still not sure if this is for you? Check out this podcast...

- FAQs -

* If you have questions regarding the program please email us on [email protected] or call 1300 282 277 

What does DIG stand for?

DIG stands for Digital Implementation Group and is it a program created by founder Sonya Keenan's hugely successful business and marketing coaching.

Who is Sonya Keenan?

Sonya Keenan is a business and marketing coach, small business and agency owner.  To find out more about Sonya and her credentials  CLICK HERE

How much does it cost?

We have a special for this event… The DIG membership is $399 per month for 12 months including GST or save money by purchasing one year in advance for $3990 including GST.  Members of DIG are required to have an active DigitalMarketer subscription to Labs + which costs $95/month.

Why do the invoices come from OMG Digital & what is your company name/ ABN?

DIG is powered and supported by Sonya Keenan's principal agency Omnichannel Media Group. OMNI-CHANNEL MEDIA GROUP (O.M.G.) PTY LTD is an Australian Private Company owned by Hutton Keenan Enterprise. ABN 94 159 993 094

What is included?

  • DIG training videos building and manage 3 x 3 Implementation Grid
  • 10 DIG Members Only LIVE Webinars with Sonya & Guest Experts
  • Weekly email support
  • Quarterly one-on-one Coaching calls with Sonya Keenan
  • Member pricing for all DMDU events
  • Coaching through Digital Marketer Lab Execution Plans

What happens if I am unhappy with the program? How can I cancel?

If you signed up to DIG at DigitalMarketer Down Under you have a 10-day cooling off period in which you can cancel at any time.

How do I get in contact with Sonya?

You can contact Sonya on email ([email protected], skype (SonyaK), via Linked In (click here) or phone 1300 282 277. 

How do I get started?

Register via this webpage or come and see us at the DIG booth and fill in a DIG order form.

How many people will be in the program?

The DIG program is an exclusive program for a limited number of businesses. 

Can I nominate one of my staff for this program or is it for business owners only?

Yes, one person can be nominated to do the program. Or speak to us about adding extra people from the same business.

What are the terms and conditions?

Please see the order form for all terms and conditions.

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